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Jesus is real, relevant and wants a relationship with you!

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The teachers with the children’s ministry team all have one thing in common, a tender-hearted desire to nurture and develop the child-like faith that Jesus spoke of in every child. There is no distinction of status, race, background, or differently-abled children. We intend to minister to everyone the same, by illuminating God's word and life skills through His loving grace.


You won't find lots of glitter and glam here, we don't need to dress the word up. Just keep it simple, keep it real and lots of fun for preschoolers up to 6th grade.


We begin our time by sharing about our week, getting to know our new guests, and praying for one another. This transitions the children to discovering the adventures found in the Bible. Our remaining time is spent playing activities outdoors like freeze-tag, ball toss, and Simon Says.

The message — love

The point is that God desires a relationship with us, so much that He sacrificed His one and only, that Jesus, knowing what He would endure, willingly walked this earth. His hurt, humiliation, rejection, physical pain, confronting death, all so He could laugh with us, hurt with us, love with us, walk with us, have a relationship with us every day.



It starts with our relationship with Christ, allowing us to experience His love to the fullest, gaining confidence with who we are in Him, and then from that overflow, we can share His love with others. In children’s ministry, our focus is on God’s children.


We are to build that relationship first. It wouldn’t matter if you had the best curriculum money could buy, or most organized system in place if you don’t have the heart Jesus did, to love and to build relationships.

What did Jesus do? What about us?

Jesus spread the message of Good News everywhere and anywhere which tells me that where does not have to be priority #1. It was wherever the people gathered and were comfortable. At someone's house, outside, inside, at a store. Remember, it's about building a relationship.


If they feel comfortable around you and the surroundings, then they will be open to hearing what you have to say. The “when” happens every day. When we’re in a grocery store and one of our kids recognize us, a special love gift on their birthday, calling them by name on Sunday morning and saying “I'm glad you’re here today! I was hoping to see you!” Not generically, but because you really mean it. That’s being the hands and feet, and one more... the wide open arms of Jesus, just waiting for His children to run into them.


You see, it’s easy to lay your trust in a planned curriculum, a structured setting, but unless the ones we are ministering to feel we care, they won’t listen, and we will have missed the point of our ministry!

"This is an amazing place. No judgment, no preconceived opinions of who should be there. Incredible warm, open and loving people. Fabulous worship and the messages have real relevance and help the Lord change your life. You will not regret a visit."


~ Christine M. Chico, CA

Children's ministry

Loving our kids